Monday, December 12, 2011

'Demon Dilemma' concept work

I'm working with two fabulous ladies on our student film this year! Erin Overmann is our concept director and Rachel Wilson is our animation director. I highly recommend you give their blogs a look-see :)

Here are some of my contributions.

Our main character is a bratty little girl who comes face to face with her inner demon.

Our other main character is her conscience or inner demon. This is an early sketch I did of his largest physical form.

I made him look very menacing here, he's actually just a goofy brat like she is :)

Finally, here are a few designs of our incidental characters: a shopkeeper and a waitress.

 I'll post any other significant designs up here as I get to them. Hopefully there'll be quite a few!

 As always thanks for popping by :)

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  1. I really like how clean your line work on this is. Looking forward to seeing how your team's film turns out at the end of the year.