Sunday, October 23, 2011

Something a little bit more fun!

This past week our class group was tasked with writing a pitch for a group film. We've been developing our concepts since September and finally had to submit it all for assessment. Out of about 16 or so ideas, three of four will be chosen to go into production and we'll each be assigned a film to work on for the rest of the year. It's an exciting time! :)

After handing in my pitch I thought I'd celebrate by posting some of my concept work up here. My story focuses on four little sprites in a forest.

These are my four main characters. Clockwise from the top left their names are Vanity, Mischief, Wrath and Gloom.

Each characters personality is summed up in their name. Keeps things nice and simple!

Mischief is the protagonist of the film, if you want to call her that. She causes a lot of trouble for the other characters.

Gloom, as the name would suggest, is down in the dumps quite a bit. 

Vanity is completely self involved. She's only interested in what you have to say if it's a compliment!

Wrath is the one sprite you do not want to cross. She'll hold a grudge and never forget.

I had a lot of fun with the concept of developing Grotesque forms that the characters would change into at a point in the story. These forms are 10 times the sprites' normal size and are triggered by emotional trauma. As they move around they wreak havoc on their immediate environment.

I had a really good time trying to come up with different and unusual ways for the characters to move. My two favourites are Gloom and Wrath. Gloom drags the earth up with each step she takes making her movements very laboured and slow. Wrath moves on all fours and her limbs dive in and out of the earth, almost like worms.

I'll wrap this post up (cos it's super long) with some gesture studies I did of Mischief and Vanity. I'll hopefully revisit these characters in future posts.


As always, thanks for reading :)


  1. Thanks maureen! Only just saw this now :)

  2. amazing!! I love the whole concept, hopefully finish the story and animate it someday! :)

  3. Also, I cant stop looking at her hair in the second to last image. Gorgeous!!

  4. Really like the simple design. Very well suited to animation. :)