Monday, July 2, 2012

2 Colour Pieces

Okay so without going into too much of a ramble I was doing some experiments in colour in preparation for my film next year. I've been working on these on and off for the past two weeks. They're nothing too complex but they were a much needed exercise in colour and mood, which I really need to work on. 

The character is my Greaser friend who I snuck into an earlier post and decided later on to feature in my film (potentially). No plot in mind yet but that's all ahead of me!

The first picture is him feeling a little bit sad :(

But it's okay because in the next one he's with his gal, and he's happy again!

I'll hopefully revisit this style again soon, it was a fun challenge to try and make an image work without using too much line. 

Thanks, as always for dropping in!


  1. That diagonal texture is really unique, gives it an edge! Don't know if that would work in an animation though. Love story in the making for your solo movie next year? Always a winner :)

  2. nice, if u could get that texture to stay still when ur animating it, like Chowder. don't know how u would do that in a quick way tho, it would be time consuming. but love the colors of the first one ;D