Thursday, March 29, 2012

Odds and Ends.

I'm experimenting with a new style, heavily influenced by Adventure Time but hopefully I might be able to add something of myself to it eventually. Again, conducting style research for next year's solo-film. This style is my favourite so far. 

A few little pics. I'm off to colour these now and will make another post when they're done. The girl in the water dress and the greaser smoking the cigarette are my favourites. His hair was inspired by Sweet JP from Redline but it's nowhere near as epic. Check that film out if you can. It's bonkers but wonderfully animated.

As always, thank you and goodnight :)


  1. I saw you inking some of these in class. Your lines were perfect every time, I was thinking how is she doing that! Really nice line work. I think it goes without saying that the chick in the see through dress is my favorite :D

  2. your line work just keeps getting better, you have to show us how you do it. see through dress is my fav ;D

  3. why is no one making a "sea" through dress pun! ;) told you already this was awesome! :D

  4. I really envy how clean your line work is. This style works very well for you, though. :)