Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Some practise in Photoshop.

So I got the wonderful Bamboo Graphics Tablet over Christmas. Suddenly practising my lines in CS4 is 100x more enjoyable. So I took an old drawing and decided to clean up the lines as a bit of an exercise. 

The character is Steph from Freakazoid! My love for that show knows no bounds, only partially because one of the characters shares my name :p

I'm working on some colours for this one, any progress I make will go here.

Cheers folks x


  1. I normally just use Sketchbook Designer or Adobe Illustrator for clean-up line work since they use vector and bezier points, but it does feel a lot more natural using a tablet.
    This turned out pretty well.

  2. Everybody's getting tablets, yay! Your lines are pretty smooth for a new toy!

  3. Thanks both!
    The reason my lines came out as smooth as they did was due to a lot of ctrl+alt+z ing on my part haha. I probably spent longer on this than can be justified :p