Friday, August 5, 2011

A Spot of Animashoon...

Full View Please.

My apologies for the questionable camera quality in most of these videos, time was not on my side. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to shoot these again in the future.

The first is final submission for the FatSkip assignment for CCH2. Not much to describe, its a fat character jumping rope, what's not to like? The brief required that the character be on model, the jury's still out on just how well that went :/

Here we have my final submission for the FatJump assignment. Character is not on model but...its the movement that counts? Too good to watch just once so for your convenience I looped it thrice!

Next is the FailedLift. That is, a lift that has failed. You're welcome. The character is The Pink Panther and the object is a giant diamond. The assignment also includes a successful lift onto an elevated platform but I feel this particular animation works better overall. 

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