Friday, August 5, 2011

Some Layout Things

Click the images to view fullsize.

This is admittedly my weakest area but it couldn't hurt to post a few things. This is work from year 2 so it's quite recent.

For the first assignment we were given a full production layout from a feature film, in this case All Dogs Go To Heaven, and told to draw it from a different camera angle. This particular layout is done in one-point perspective.

I like the chair :p

This second layout was a research project where we were told to go out into the world and find some good objects to reference and include them in a setting of our choice. Being the imaginative mind that I am, I chose a library, I know, I know :/

This layout is in two-point perspective.

Obivous photograph is obvious but I'm between scanners right now.

This third project was just a small part of a group collaboration. The theme was Carnival in New Orleans. The cat statue draws influence fro Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland...which I have not seen. Behold.


  1. You're not as bad as you let on. At least your compositions are clear.

  2. I'm done folllowin' you now! :D yeah the bloggy connecting things rubbish! boo! even the fact that my blog title on your page, the apostrophe, is like. &£^^*$&^(&! silly blog thingy. Yay kitty in the parade! :D